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Battle Pirates Brawl

Battle Pirates: Brawl

Battle Pirates: Brawl is a head-to-head combat game, coming soon to mobile devices everywhere! Create unique fleets, then battle other players for resources, upgrades, and glory. Earn your biggest rewards by placing on seasonal leaderboards. Will you be the one to rule the high seas?

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Feature 1 Unit 1

Choose Your Hero

Choose your favorite pirate and unleash their unique Hero Powers!

Feature 1
Feature 2 Unit 2

Create Unique Fleets

Mix-and-match ships from different factions to create powerful fleets and play YOUR way.

Feature 2
Feature 3 Unit 3

Take Full Control

Choose a deployment formation, then steer ships to fire on enemy vessels!

Feature 3
Feature 4 Unit 4

Brawl for Glory

Destroy the enemy Capital Ship and WIN! Compete for a top spot in seasonal leaderboards.

Feature 4