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New Ships, New Hero (v.0.18)

New to the Brawl

There’s some new tech (and a new face) at the Brawl! As part of the v.0.18 release, here are some great new ships and a mysterious new Hero to help you keep your enemies on the run…


Faction: Nautilus

Description: With its naturally large size and hardened shell, the Leatherback was considered aquatic royalty before Nautilus strapped a massive missile battery to its back. Destruction awaits those foolish enough to get in its way.






Pulse Ray
Faction: Nautilus

Description: This giant manta ray has an electrical cannon that gives off electrical waves, dealing damage to nearby enemies while directing electrically charged shells at targets in its front arc.






Faction: Outcast

Description: Ferocious doesn’t even begin to describe it. This gargantuan crocodile has a right-facing cannon grafted to its scaly back. Although its side-facing weapon lacks accuracy, if it hits large stationary targets like bases, it does a great deal of damage.






Faction: Outcast

Description: A predator in its own right, the Outcast may have crossed the line when they attached massive spikes and a harpoon cannon to the Loxodon. The harpoons pack enough of a punch to stop any ship in its tracks, and prevents them from using their weapons to their full potential.








New Hero — The Stranger 


Faction: Outcast


The Stranger is shrouded in mystery, covered head to toe in ragged leather cloaks, sodden robes, and a suit of rusted armor. His face is not visible beneath his hood and cowl, but two glowing orange eyes stare out from the darkness, and a few angry tentacles hang out from his hood. With a wave of his lantern, the Stranger blankets the battlefield in a mysterious fog, reducing the range of hostile ships and bases.


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