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Captains, the 0.11 Update deploys on Thursday, April 15th at ~11AM PDT. This release includes some game fixes, base tech changes, and general balance changes. 

(Note: Downtime will last approx 30 mins. Please download the latest version in the Play Store; changes may take up to 48h before they’re live. Thanks! ) 

Base Tech Tree Changes

Pirates, we’ve made some important changes to the Base Tech Tree.

  • Base Tech Tree is now balanced around combat at every level
  • Most Tech Tree Nodes have received up to 100% increase in power (some much more)
  • Bases will no longer gain health or damage per level automatically, this will now only come from the Base Tech Tree Nodes
  • Complex values such as Armor and Accuracy have been deprecated and are simply rolled into Base Health or Base Damage 
  • We have moved some nodes to different Tiers to allow for better evolution of gameplay
  • Values are now shown for each node in the Base Tech Tree (see below)

Keep an eye on your Inbox a few days after the release for a FREE Respec token. Once received, a button will appear on the Base Tech Tree page, allowing you to make changes to your Base Tech Tree. 

Balance/Game Changes

We’ve made a few changes to existing BPB content. Note that these changes impact ships/Heroes at all levels. 

  • Removed end of battle wrap up damage from all ships
  • Verdant – Base Boarding damage removed, collision damage reduced
  • Torpedo – Damage increased
  • Sweeper – Guns can hit both ships and base now, base damage on guns reduced to 50% damage
  • Scarab – Collision damage reduced and boarding damage for both base and ship lowered
  • Rearguard – Boarding damage and collision damage lowered
  • Bruiser – Guns can no longer hit bases(in line with its stats)
  • Fleming – Slight increase to power cost

Bug Fixes

[PERFORMANCE] Combat performance improvements 

[PERFORMANCE] Improved framerate during chest unboxing

[GENERAL] Various game and visual improvements to keep things running smoothly 

[HERO POWER] Fixed a bug with Wynn’s Hero Power

[SHIPS] Fixed sprint bonuses for the Hammerhead, Sawtooth, and Ironside

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