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Captains, the 0.18 Update deploys on Tuesday, July 6th at ~11AM PDT. This release introduces new ships, a new hero, rarity, some important balance changes, and bug fixes.

(Note: Downtime will last approx 30 mins. Please download the latest version in the Play Store; changes may take up to 48h before they’re live. Thanks! ) 

New Ships, New Hero! 

Avast, pirates! This release features some great new ships and a new Hero to help you keep your enemies on the run…


Faction: Nautilus

Description: With its naturally large size and hardened shell, the Leatherback was considered aquatic royalty before Nautilus strapped a massive missile battery to its back. Destruction awaits those foolish enough to get in its way.






Pulse Ray
Faction: Nautilus

Description: This giant manta ray has an electrical cannon that gives off electrical waves, dealing damage to nearby enemies while directing electrically charged shells at targets in its front arc.






Faction: Outcast

Description: Ferocious doesn’t even begin to describe it. This gargantuan crocodile has a right-facing cannon grafted to its scaly back. Although its side-facing weapon lacks accuracy, if it hits large stationary targets like bases, it does a great deal of damage.






Faction: Outcast

Description: A predator in its own right, the Outcast may have crossed the line when they attached massive spikes and a harpoon cannon to the Loxodon. The harpoons pack enough of a punch to stop any ship in its tracks, and prevents them from using their weapons to their full potential.








New Hero — The Stranger 


Faction: Outcast


The Stranger is shrouded in mystery, covered head to toe in ragged leather cloaks, sodden robes, and a suit of rusted armor. His face is not visible beneath his hood and cowl, but two glowing orange eyes stare out from the darkness, and a few angry tentacles hang out from his hood. With a wave of his lantern, the Stranger blankets the battlefield in a mysterious fog, reducing the range of hostile ships and bases.



New Game Features 


New for the v.0.18 Release, we’ve introduced card Rarity! This means that Ships and Heroes will now fall into the following categories: 

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary



For now, the best place to review (or preview) card rarity is in-game as we continue to make game improvements and changes during the beta release phase. Existing cards have already been reclassified and following the update, you can check your inventory from the “Fleet” tab to see how your cards might have changed. (If you’ve leveled them up already, congrats!)

Here are a few additional details on rarity:  

  • We’ve made minor changes to payout quantities for Common cards
  • Rare, Epic, Legendary cards are (surprise, surprise) harder to come by, and they will drop in different quantities
  • Daily Deal card costs will vary based on rarity
  • Loot drop card quantities will vary based on rarity

We plan to continue to release new units at different rarities, depending on the meta and design balance needs. 

Balance Changes

With rarity introduced, we’ve rebalanced Ship/Hero power differences. 

While there are some substantial updates, we may need to make additional changes to improve performance. As a general rule, the rarer the ship, the more power at your command. Don’t forget to check your inventory to see which ship falls under each category! 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reward boost display issues with the Engine Room 
  • General improvements and bug fixes

Experiencing performance issues? Please file a ticket! 

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